Company profile - MissionOur company’s mission is inspired by three principles: SCIENCE – HEALTH – NATURE.

In fact we operate according to scientific criteria, using bioactive substances that have a scientifically proven activity in order to realize efficient and safe nutraceuticals that allow us to achieve our goals: “live longer in good health” and “improve our quality of life”.

At every level we choose coherent, transparent and ethical behaviors following the rules and principles of social responsibility and enviromental sustainability.

We formulate our product according to biopharmaceutical criteria, and the choice of using a certain substance is indeed made based on:

  • scientific rational of the substance’s application: we overview scientific studies published in the most important and qualified databases and we examine the etiopathogenesis of the disorder or pathology that is to be treated;
  • the knowledge of the action mechanism, of the pharmacokinetics and the bioavailability of the substance related to the dosage efficacy;
  • the proven effectiveness demonstration to acceptable dosage for the supplements;
  • titration and standardization of the raw materials carefully selecting the manufacturers/suppliers;
  • evaluation of possible interactions with other substances;
  • possible pharmaceutical forms with which a substance may be used in order to establish a consumption methods (tablets, soluble powder, liquids) that are important for supporting the patients’ compliance. The pharmaceutical technique is applied in a rigorous and scientific way by taking advantage of the most innovative solutions.

We work according to very high manufacturing and raw materials selection standards: we only use raw materials selected and produced according to rigorous standards and we work with suppliers authorized by the Italian Ministry of Health that operate according to certified standards. The raw materials undergo controls that concern microbiological contamination and harmful substances pollution in order to guarantee the highest safety to the consumer and the best raw material quality. Special care is reserved to quality control, applied to each batch and to annual auditing among third parties.

Clinical studies in hospital environment have been and still are performed that show our company’s precision, the safety and effectiveness of Inpha2000 nutraceuticals.

Company profile - Mission: Scientific Medical InformersEven though our products do not need medical prescription, for their promotion we use Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives who, all over the Italian territory, inform specialized physicians and general practitioner about the characteristics of our products.

Special care is reserved to the scientfic training of our human resources team which occurs through courses and update meetings, using ethical and highly scientific material that is also delivered to the phyisicians along with samples of the products in order to give them to the patients. Each person who works in our company is an integral part of it and has the precise responsibility for keeping high the company’s reputation and its values in every context and with any individual.

Our commitment is also extended through the support of the most important specialized congresses of the reference areas therefore contributing to scientific popularization and the constant updating of the medical class.