Company profile - ActivitiesInpha2000 was born from the willpower of two pharmacists who believed in nutraceutical and thus in the natural substances’ abilities to prevent and heal many pathologies.

Thanks to our experience and dedication throughout these years we offered the patients products that are original and active in the following therapeutic areas: neurology, cardiology, diatetics, gynecology, orthopedics, hepatology, geriatrics, urology and eating behavior disorders.

Our company has in time become a company specialized in the devolopment of high scientific rational nutraceuticals thanks to a team of pharmacists, biologists and consulting physicians. We are driven by passion starting from our dedication to the Research and Development of our products to the promotion through transparent and ethical marketing among the medical class.

Inpha2000’s activity includes pharmacological, nutritional and phytotherapic research with constant updating on the latest published scientific studies in order to realize new products that will improve the patient’s health.

Our products are developed applying supplements a new scientific approach based on the rigorous study of biomechanical and physiological mechanisms with which the nutritional substances and natural extracts act, extracts that have a pharmacological activity.

The marketing and promotion of our products happen through a network of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives among the Physician and the Pharmacist.